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I have had a love for computers/designing & graphics all my life. Just a country girl that has grown up in the Oklahoma hills. The beautiful Oklahoma country views that God makes gives inspiration to so many creations & designs. In 2003 discovered dye sublimation and started making small items like various tags & etc in my Parents home office. Made memorial tributes for family & friends and then God blessed me by getting to design items for various country music stars. While sitting in my Parent’s office dreamed of someday starting my own company, but at that time didn’t have the means. Was always trying to think up names and one day while sitting & talking with my Mom the name came to both of us. It has a special meaning in my family. God has always been first in my life since I was 3 years old, my late Godly Grandparents gave me my first Bible which I still have & cherish. As a child the good Lord performed a miracle on me from cancer.  Without going into a lot of details the journey & struggles in my life has been hard, but God let me think of the book of Genesis how He worked in the life of Joseph: You meant evil against me, but God used it for good. You may go through many things even spiritual abuse, but God is right there with you, see’s all & knows all. God put a rainbow in the clouds. So the Spirit of the Lord is the creative power of life and Spirit is an attitude or principle that inspires and I want to inspire & revive fond memories with various creations. With this journey will continue to grow with the love of creating/designing & continue to shine through the grace of God.

What I never really realized then was God was already lining everything up since the very beginning and my visions would start to come to life and so the Spirit Shack company started coming to life in 2020. Also in January 2020 God had put it on my heart to try and do digital painting and He Blessed me with a new love of that with my other graphic designing. I have some of my paintings in the second section featured on my Portfolio page. There are many relatable ways for the name too like the western spirit, school spirit, persons spirit, holy spirit and so much more. Spirit is a force that influences the will of people (principle that inspires), it can also be as personal as the spirit of other people who shape our daily actions. It is called a spirit because it relates not to matter but to mind, soul, and feelings. Honoring God is the most important motive behind Spirit Shack.

This company was created with the idea of celebrating with Spirit, inspiration and with spreading kindness, strength, courage and weathering hard times. Everything is done right here at my place in Marlow Oklahoma, nothing is outsourced. Spirit Shack will strive to provide big-city service in a small-town fashion. We are adding more products, varieties, and combinations all the time, so be sure to check back if you don’t find what you’re looking for this time. I appreciate your support & shopping the Spirit Shack. Have a Blessed day or night.

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